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Looking for a professional in waterproofing stone walls? Criscione Masonry is Connecticut’s most professional mason providing outstanding services for our clients.

We provide services such as fireplaces, custom patios, and stonework. Furthermore, we have a comprehensive team of staff ready to handle your project. Additionally, Criscione Masonry is licensed and certified to work on your home’s masonry project.

As a mason, we proudly provide waterproofing for stone walls as a service. Over time, your stonework can start to decay due to acidic rain and other natural causes for your home. It is best to hire a professional waterproofing for stone walls contractor to ensure you get the best of your stone properties.

What Is Waterproofing? 

Waterproofing is simply the process of making brick, stone, and other solid materials waterproof. Because of this, you get longer lasting results for your brick or stone.

The purpose of waterproofing is to combine materials to prevent water intrusion into the structural elements of building a finished space.

You can waterproof things like chimneys, basements, and other spaces of your home. Waterproofing is extremely important as we build outbuildings with concrete, we must ensure that the water from mother nature does not damage a building.

You can read more about the waterproofing process by visiting this page on Wikipedia.

Our Waterproofing Process

At Criscione Masonry, we aim to give our customers nothing but the best. For that reason, we go an extra mile in customer service and check for the durability of the material in use and the credibility of the seller.

This helps us ensure that the sculptor is long lasting and up to the standard maintained by Criscione. Our waterproofing process is very simple:

Schedule an estimate with us: Start by contacting Criscione Masonry today to talk to us to schedule an estimate.

Get pricing on your project: Once we visit your location and see the work that is involved, we can then send you a price cost estimate to get the work done.

Start the work: Once we’ve done a thorough approach to your project, we can then price your waterproofing services accordingly.

Residential Masonry Service

Being the best waterproofing contractor in Connecticut. we aim to deliver unparallel services to our customers. Our pride resides in the fact that our achievements are through the satisfied clients we have served. Our masonry services in Connecticut include:

Stonework – A significant form of art that finds immense popularity in all ages throughout history, masonry is now restricted to a select few talented sculptors. It is the most durable form of construction which looks beautiful on the outside.

Brickwork – Brickwork needs maintenance off and on. If you are experiencing worn out walls or chimneys or any outdoor structure for that matter contact us today. We consider extreme weather patterns while designing our brick structures so that they stand strong and durable.

Fireplace – Fireplaces have evolved over time from just being a place to heat the living space to a beautiful ornament of the house. It adorns your living space and makes it look even more inviting. We deal in all sorts of fireplaces: indoor, outdoor, custom and traditional.

Patio – A plain and simple garden or backyard doesn’t do anymore. With the increase in the culture of inviting people to have dinners outside the house patios have come into sheer significance. Therefore, a beautifully designed patio will definitely rock your next family gettogether.


The sooner you fill a crack the more are your chances of preventing it from causing further damage.

We at Criscione Masonry not only provide brand new construction service but also provide existing masonry works with our maintenance service.

Maintaining the already built pieces of construction helps in preventing damage. This not only saves you time and effort but also helps you keep your budget happy.

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