Affordable Patio Services | Watertown, CT Mason’s 

Looking to get a fresh new look on your patio? Next time you have a friend over your home you want to make sure that you can enjoy your outside. Our custom patio services allow you to do that easily.

Our professional masons provide top notch services in the Watertown, CT area. Our Masonry process is simple, we initially start off by:

Contacting you for a free quote: Once you go to our contact page, you can request to get a free estimate on your home patio project.

Come out and offer a written estimate: Once we schedule a time with you, we will see the scope of work on your home project and give you a price. Our pricing is all dependant on how large your patio is and the type of equipment you want to use for your brick or stone.

Allow us to start work: Once we start, you will get frequent updates about your project in the form of calls and texts. We make sure to stay communicated with you throughout the whole way. Giving you peace of mind that a professional is working on your home.

About Our Criscione Masonry, LLC: 

Crisicion Masonry is a well respected, family owned masonry business providing services in the new haven county area such as patios, custom stonework, outdoor/indoor fireplaces, and foundation repairs.

We understand that if we do it right the first time, you will have an enduring piece of your home for years to come. We pride ourselves on top level craftsmanship built to last for decades to come.

Criscione Masonry specializes in residential, commercial & industrial service and maintenance. Our company is built and designed to take on work all throughout the state of Connecticut although we’re based in Watertown, CT.