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Are you looking for the best masonry contractor in New Britain, CT? Criscione Masonry is a family owned business specializing in residential, commercial and industrial masonry for decades. We not only provide with brand new masonry but also serve in maintaining the already existing pieces of construction at your property.

Whether you are looking for custom patios, stonework, indoor/outdoor fireplaces or foundation repairs, we have you all covered. Criscione Masonry aims to deliver top-level craftsmanship that lasts for decades. Therefore, all our projects come out as beautiful, neat and durable.

Not only that, we have been accredited as the best masonry contractor in Watertown, CT by Google, Home Advisor and Angie’s List, most prominently.

Services – Masonry Contractor in New Britain, CT

We offer all masonry services and specialize in residential, commercial and industrial masonry as well as maintenance. A few of our services are:

Stonework – Stone structures have a great historical significance and are restricted to some very talented sculptors in our time. If you are keen on using all natural material for a construction project go for stonework. Stone used is a product of nature and free of any synthetic or artificial materials. Read more on stonework here.

Fireplaces –  Whether you are looking for custom fireplaces or the traditional ones we have you covered. Criscione Masonry is known for carving beautiful fireplaces both indoor and outdoor. We believe every fireplace should significantly improve the look and feel of your living space. Therefore, we work on custom designs that sit well with your home’s ambiance. Read more on our fireplace service here.

Patios –  Have a splendid family/friends time in a gorgeous patio designed just to fit all your needs. A nice living space significantly improves your living standard. A custom patio design to fit your needs and look beautiful at the same time greatly improves your home’s curb appeal. Read more here.

Brickwork – brickwork needs maintenance off and on. If you are experiencing worn out walls or chimneys or any outdoor structure for that matter contact us today. We consider extreme weather patterns while designing our brick structures so that they stand strong and durable. Read more about our brickwork service here.

Other Locations

We’re proudly located in Watertown Connecticut offering a range of services and covering other areas such as:

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We keep all our customers updated on the progress of their project via text messages and phone calls. Moreover, you need not worry about the results as once the professionals are into it the results will be better than your expectations. Contact Criscione Masonry today and reserve your spot for the free estimate!