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Are you in search of a masonry contractor in Bristol, CT? Criscione Masonry is a premier contracting company owned as a family business and well respected for the job we do. We are home to the finest sculptors and masonry craftsmen who specialize in residential, commercial and industrial masonry. Whether you need custom stonework, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, patios, or foundation repairs, we have you covered.

Accredited as the best Watertown, CT masonry contractor by Google, Home Advisor and Angie’s List we are here to serve you in Bristol. Our highly skilled workforce and our vast experience in masonry make us the right choice for your next project.

Services by Masonry Contractor in Bristol, CT

We offer all masonry services and specialize in residential, commercial and industrial masonry as well as maintenance. A few of our services are:

Stonework – Stonework has been known for ages to be one of the finest forms of construction. Not only does it look beautifully elegant but also comes out to be very durable and long-lasting. If you are keen on using all natural material for a construction project go for stonework. Stone used is a product of nature and free of any synthetic or artificial materials.

Fireplaces –  Whether you are looking for custom fireplaces or the traditional ones we have you covered. Criscione Masonry is known for carving beautiful fireplaces both indoor and outdoor. We at Criscione Masonry make sure every brick and stone is up to the standard and that the seller is credible.

Patios –  Have a splendid family/friends time in a gorgeous patio designed just to fit all your needs. A nice living space significantly improves your living standard. We deal in custom patios, or if you do not have a design or concept in mind we come up with our own. Nonetheless, any design chosen for your property will be best suited and elegant.

Brickwork – brickwork needs maintenance off and on. If you are experiencing worn out walls or chimneys or any outdoor structure for that matter contact us today. We consider extreme weather patterns while designing our brick structures so that they stand strong and durable.

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We are proud of our achievements through the clients we have served and continue to strive to retain that position. If you are looking for a fine taste in masonry, highly skilled personnel, safe and legal construction, Criscione is for you.

Contact us today and get a free estimate for your project. Let our team of professionals undertake your project so that you have a seamless finish to it. We assure it will turn out better than your expectations.

Our process is simple, you start off by:

  1. Contact us to get a free estimate for your project. Our team visits you to analyze your project and give a price estimate.
  2. We then forward a written proposal you way so that you may accept it before work starts.
  3. Once you allow us the masonry team starts working on your property. We keep you updated via text messages and phone calls on the progress.

We are proudly located in Watertown Connecticut offering a range of services and covering other areas such as: