Affordable Hartford, CT Masonry Services

Are you in search of Connecticut’s affordable masonry service providers who master the art of beautiful and appealing stonework? Are you worried about achieving the most fetching look for your home’s outdoor? Is your fireplace just not captivating enough? Or maybe you are in need of a wall system that stands staunch and beautiful. Perhaps a new brickwork on that old worn out wall will breathe in a new life in your home’s exterior.

If any of these is your concern, we are here to skillfully craft an extraordinary masonry experience for you. We are Criscione Masonry, a family owned line of business with a wide network of services being provided in various home improvement and other business sectors. At Criscione Masonry, you are bound to experience world-class brickwork, irresistible stonework, and captivating custom fireplaces that give your home an edge when it comes to design.

What’s in our Hartford, CT Masonry Services

Criscione Masonry is home to professionals who we specifically train to give your property the best masonry experience. We at Criscione Masonry in our Hartford, CT masonry services provide professional services in the following areas:

Stone walls

Stonework has given elegance and charm to places for centuries. With the advent of new techniques and methods, you can achieve the most desired look for your home’s interior or exterior. Simply, give us a call and we will be happy to give you a free estimate for your Hartford, CT masonry project. Read More


Not everyone can handle brickwork like a professional. Hire us to get brickwork done at your property in order to avoid any unnecessary details that make your property look an illustration of poor design.


Have an amazing idea for your fireplace? We offer custom fireplace designs for your house. Also, do not worry if you need an upgrade and can’t really think of something that will come up to your needs because we at Criscione Masonry provide traditional designs as well as custom designs for your fireplace.


In our Hartford, CT masonry services we provide easy custom patio designs. Next time you have that family gettogether at your place you can impress them with an affordable patio upgrade for your house.

Swimming Pool Surroundings

A beautiful swimming pool surrounding with the most appealing stonework definitely enhances the look and feel of your property. We master the art of bringing mainstream, dull and boring places to great living experiences.

Block Work

Block work is placing uniformly designed individual units of construction to give a final look in the form of a wall, room or other constructions. We use the most durable bed and binding material or mortar as you might call it to support blocks in our masonry work.

Wall Systems

We provide properly engineered wall systems designed best to suit your needs. Moreover, we make sure the material used in our design projects is thoroughly tested to last long and increase the durability of the wall system. For that reason, our wall systems are flexible in design and drafted to save you energy all the while looking extremely aesthetically pleasing.


We’re proudly located in Watertown Connecticut offering a range of services and covering other areas such as:

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We at Criscione Masonry are keen to provide our customers with nothing but the best. So, if you find yourself at sea as to all the options available for your masonry project at your property contact us. We will be more than glad to help you find the most appealing design for your property, be it residential or commercial. At Criscione, Masonry you find everything under one roof.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your target masonry project. Let us help you achieve your desired look for your property. Our team of skilled professionals will leave you content and happy with the work done for you. That’s what we value.

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